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Episode 11

Published on:

26th Aug 2020

#11 Preparing for pregnancy: The first 1000 days and ‘Trimester X’

This podcast episode is all about preparing for pregnancy holistically, putting you, your partner and your future babies at the top of your list and giving yourself the permission, knowledge and understanding to love into this journey of parenthood and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • What the first 1000 days is all about and why it’s important
  • Explore Kami’s concept of Trimester X and how setting yourself up to thrive is a lifestyle choice not unique to pre-conception or pregnancy
  • A brief overview of diet and lifestyle tips for fertility and pre-conception
  • How ‘off the plate’ topics also play a key role

PLUS, a look into epigenetics and that incredible window of opportunity at our fingertips in helping to determine the future health of our children.

Links and resources:

  • Check out Kami’s blog on Trimester X here for more on that concept and how to start setting yourself up to thrive today.
  • Here is the link to the Vegan omega supplements Kami takes daily and recommends. Please reach out to Kami if you’d like more info on these or go ahead and order online.
  • Here is the link to the study on HN001 L. Rhamnosus Christie mentioned.
  • To purchase a copy of What to Eat: A Specialist Guide to Fertility and Pregnancy please get in touch with Kami at and mention this podcast for a special price of $25.

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Nourish Nurture Breathe is a podcast dedicated to providing a space for women to learn, feel supported, empowered and understood.

Combining holistic health with science and research, Kami and Christie's mission with Nourish Nurture Breathe is to empower you with knowledge and confidence around all areas of your mind, body, spirit wellbeing. These include nutrition, mindset, body confidence and the nuances of our hormones, fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

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Christie Lee & Kami Ramini

Kami Ramini is a mum of 2, certified health coach (Integrative Nutrition IIN HC), food and health writer and founder of This Mum's Kitchen. Kami takes a bio-individual approach to her work with every client and centres her coaching on the premise of teaching women about "filling your cup". What this means will be different for everyone, but it's the grounding affirmation that by loving into our own mind, body, spirit wellbeing, we are intrinsically also doing better by everyone we love and everyone who relies on us. At whatever stage of your journey, whether you are preparing for pregnancy, already pregnant, already a mum or a busy woman for countless other reasons, remember that if our cups are full, then there is enough for us and enough for everyone else in our lives to take a sip too. Self-care isn't selfish, it's anything but.

Kami currently sees clients one-on-one and in groups and runs bi-monthly detox and reset programs through her Mind Body Lifestyle Wellness Club membership packages.

Christie Lee is a prenatal and gut health dietitian and founder of Christie Lee Nutrition. Christie originally became a dietitian as she's always been passionate about empowering people with the impact of food and diet on our health. With the current state of chronic diseases growing within our society, Christie's approach to health has become fuelled by a deep passion to help people find the root cause of health concerns and conquer life roadblocks to achieve ultimate health and happiness.

Specialising in fertility, pregnancy and gut health, Christie believes the secret to a better health outlook for our society is in educating mums and mums to be to eat well, be well and therefore give our next generation the very best chance to thrive.

Christie currently sees clients one-on-one and delivers workshops and presentations regularly online and around Perth.